CNGL Innovation Showcase
CNGL hosts an annual Innovation Showcase. The showcase comprises an exhibition of  cutting-edge work from CNGL researchers and industrial partners, and relevant talks by our researchers, industry collaborators, and invited guest speakers. The showcase is an opportunity for you to:

  • View an exhibition of the latest advances by CNGL researchers and industrial partners
  • Learn about CNGL technologies that are ripe for commercialisation
  • Find out about the social and economic impact of our work


CNGL researchers and industry partners developed a system to enable football fans follow FIFA World Cup 2010 tweets on Twitter in their own language. ‘Twanslator WC 2010′ filtered the information streams on Twitter during the World Cup into a number of different languages and created match summaries. Users selected their language preference for the information stream and the system then displayed a rolling digest of the tweets from the World Cup, translated into their selected language. The system also illustrated, using sentiment analysis techniques, a summary of events during the match. Twanslator captured the imagination of soccer fans worldwide.

The translated streams were fed back onto the Twitter network so that people could access the translated streams through their favourite Twitter client. To achieve this, CNGL set up specific Twitter accounts with language identifiers, (e.g. twc2010_en, twc2010_fr, twc2010_es, twc2010_it, twc2010_de, twc2010_it, twc2010_pt, twc2010_nl), which football fans followed during World Cup 2010.