Visitors captivated by CNGL technologies at Discover Research Dublin

More than 370 members of the public engaged enthusiastically with CNGL digital content innovations at the Discover Research Dublin festival at Trinity College Dublin on 26th September 2014. The second annual Discover Research Dublin event, held in association with EU Researchers’ Night, gave the public access to over 50 fun, interactive and free events and

CNGL Presents ‘Wripl’ Personalised Content Recommendation Platform

Wripl drives customer engagement by creating a personalised digital user experience available anywhere. The explosion of content has meant that Internet users are now constantly bombarded with content, much of which they consider to be neither relevant nor of interest to them. Companies need an automated personalisation solution that can identify user preferences and display

Introducing ‘Linguabox’ – The Next Generation of Language Learning from CNGL

‘Linguabox’ is the accelerated learning platform that promises to disrupt how people learn a language.  Developed by CNGL e-learning personalisation experts at Trinity College Dublin, Linguabox brings mass customisation to the language learning market by identifying each learner’s specific needs and delivering highly personalised learning experiences. Market Opportunity The global language learning market, with a size of $56.3

CNGL researchers launch “people power” platform at National Cyberbullying Conference

CNGL is calling on members of the public to join the fight against cyberbullying by contributing social stereotypes through a crowdsourcing platform launched today at the National Cyberbullying Conference at Dublin Castle. Stereotype detection is an important building block in the fight against online bullying. The stereotypes collected will be used to build an anti-cyberbullying system capable of automatically identifying subtle, non-explicit forms...