Irish Students Seek Title of ‘World’s Top Language Decoder’ in Beijing

Four Irish secondary school students from Dublin, Antrim, Kerry and Cork are ready to pit their language decoding skills against the world’s best at this week’s International Linguistics Olympiad in Beijing, China. The students honed their problem-solving skills at a training camp in Trinity College Dublin, last week, where they were tutored by experts from

CNGL and Microsoft Research develop ‘Brazilator’ FIFA World Cup Live Translation Service

The CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content and Microsoft Research have collaborated to develop a live tweet translation streaming service for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. ‘Brazilator’ provides a live translation stream of tweets relating to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, enabling football fans to follow what supporters in 24 of the 32 competing countries are saying. A visualisation of sentiments (positive and negative opinions) per team and...

CNGL Excels in WMT Statistical Machine Translation Tasks

CNGL achieved excellent results in the machine translation (MT) tasks for WMT 2014 with 14 systems ranking in 1st place, seven ranking in 2nd, and two systems ranking in 3rd in the prestigious international tasks. In addition to the shared tasks, the WMT 2014 workshop featured nine CNGL scientific papers on topics related to MT. WMT

CNGL and Symantec Develop Community Analytics Technology

CNGL develops novel technology to identify future online community leaders, and translate community and customer engagement into revenue. CNGL researchers at Trinity College Dublin have developed a novel analytics application capable of identifying influencing behaviour in online communities. The tool, developed in collaboration with industry partner Symantec, applies text analysis to online communities using a