The CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content

CNGL is revolutionising the way people can seamlessly interact with content, systems and each other to achieve unprecedented levels of access, efficiency and empowerment. Through its Global Intelligent Content research and technology CNGL is creating breakthroughs in the creation, processing, unification and seamless integration of multilingual, multi-modal and multimedia content.

Professor Vincent Wade, Director CNGL, TCD

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Why collaborate with CNGL?

CNGL is a different kind of research centre. Our ability to generate fundamental scientific advances is a cornerstone of our success, but so too is our ability to deliver timely and considered innovations for our corporate sponsors.

Collaborate with us


Breakthroughs in the creation, processing, unification and seamless integration of multilingual, multi-modal and multimedia content are key goals in enabling the global content industry and society of the future. Through the innovative embedding of intelligence in content and the seamless integration of advanced intelligent content services, CNGL will enable global content to be created, discovered, translated, personalised and multi-modally delivered more effectively, efficiently and with significantly enhanced impact.


CNGL is a world-leading research centre seeking not only fundamental scientific advances but also translational economic and societal impact. Close collaboration between industry collaborators and clients in content-related sectors and the Centre’s academic partners helps to move CNGL innovations out of the academic laboratory and into the marketplace, thereby reinforcing Ireland’s leadership position in content intelligence and helping to create high-tech, high-quality employment opportunities for the future.


We aim to raise the profile of scientific research within Ireland by highlighting education and career opportunities in key areas in the intelligent content field and communicating the economic and social impact of our work. The CNGL Education and Outreach Programme encompasses a broad range of activities from media relations and public events, to education programmes to foster the next generation of professionals in content-related industries, and internal communications and professional development for our researchers and industry partners.